Apple's Tim Cook Offers Condolences for Kyoto Animation Studios

Following the horrible arson attack against Kyoto Animation Studios yesterday, fans and creators around the world have offered their support for the legendary animation house. With a loss of 33 lives and 36 injured, the community is uniting to help the studio in any way that they can. Recently, Apple's Tim Cook, the current CEO, has given his condolences for the studio as well as his thoughts on the work that they've accomplished in the past.

Tim Cook shared his thoughts on his Official Twitter Account, praising the studio for its past work and expressing his deepest sympathies for all that the studio has lost:

Tim Cook became the CEO of Apple in August of 2011, with his prior role being that of their chief operating officer. Responsible for all the company's worldwide sales and operations, we're sure it means a lot to those who were affected by his tragedy to receive his sympathies.

The arson attack took place yesterday and a suspect was apprehended by the Japanese police, following the incident. While details regarding the attacker have not been released, Kyoto Animation had been receiving threatening emails in the past few weeks, sent to both their CEO and staff.

The animation studio itself was founded in 1981, creating such anime television favorites as K-On!, Free!, and Full Metal Panic. The studio was also responsible for some beloved anime movies such as A Silent Voice, K-On! The Movie, and Free! Take Your Marks to name a few. Fans have been showing their grief and support for the studio, sharing the hashtag of #PrayForKyoAni online.


Kyoto Animation Studio had been quoted as being the "first successful animation studio outside of Japan" and as "having an indelible impact on Japan's Animation industry". The studio was also quoted as having the strength of "sensitivity to the wonders and quandaries of every day life". The medium of anime has taken a whole took a heavy blow with the arson attack that befell this studio.

We'll be sure to let you know of any more developments that arise here on Our thoughts are with all those affected by this terrible tragedy.