Astro Royale Debut Marks a Solid Start for Shonen Jump

Tokyo Revengers creator's new Astro Royale manga has made its debut with Shonen Jump!

Astro Royale, the newest series from Tokyo Revengers creator Ken Wakui, has made a pretty strong debut with Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Tokyo Revengers ended with Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine back in 2022, and had quite the divisive ending among fans as it continued to twist around its central time travel conceit until it warped into a happy ending for all of the characters involved. But while this ending and last few arcs seemed to push fans away, the thought of Wakui starting his next series was still a promising one as it seems he's got another great starting idea. 

Astro Royale is Wakui's brand new manga series and the creator's debut with Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The first chapter has officially made its release around the world, and introduced fans to a much different kind of world than seen with Tokyo Revengers. Rather than the science fiction twist of the previous delinquent series, Astro Royale is promising a Yakuza influenced fight for control with the use of special powers granted by a falling meteor. 

What Is Astro Royale? 

Astro Royale introduces fans to Hibaru Yotsurugi, the only blood related son of the Yotsurugi Family, a Yakuza group. He has 12 adopted siblings that his father had taken in over the years for various reasons, and these siblings respected Hibaru's father so much that they also pitching in with the gang's work with their own factions and bonds. When Hibaru's father dies, he tells Hibaru that he wants him to lead the Yotsurugi family with his brother Terasu supporting him. 

Hibaru instead tells the rest of the family that Terasu was chosen as the successor, because he knows that the gang would have split up if Hibaru was chosen. He wants to be a Yakuza with pure ideals like his father, but it's clearly not what the rest of the family wants. When a meteor shower comes and Hibaru and Terasu make wishes on them, Hibaru wishes to become the strongest Yakuza ever. 

Hibaru then discovers he's gotten powers (dubbed "Astro") in his arm along with many others in the family who get special powers of their own. Now begins a fight for power and control within the family utilizing these wild new abilities from the meteor. If you wanted to check out Astro Royale's first chapter, you can find it with Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library. 

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