Attack on Titan Season 4 Just Killed Off a Major Character

Attack on Titan knows how difficult it can be to say goodbye to characters, but the series has [...]

Attack on Titan knows how difficult it can be to say goodbye to characters, but the series has gotten used to it. Over the years, the series has killed off tons of favorite characters, and its body count is up in the thousands at this point. It seems like season four will be even more deadly for our top soldiers, and today, fans were forced to part ways with a character they never expected to see die.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers for Attack on Titan season four below! If you are not caught up with the anime, you should turn around now!

For those who tuned into Attack on Titan today, you will know who died at the end of the new episode. The whole affair began on a dark note as carnage overtook Marley. The nation's capital was in shambles following Eren's attack, and the Survey Corps only further the assault. Gabi was left by herself as she watched friends and foes die around her. And in a bid to seek justice, Gabi ended up assassinating Sasha with a stolen rifle.

Sasha was killed when Gabi weaseled her way onto an airship with Falco on her tail. She just so happened to tail the airship that carried Eren and the like. Gabi managed to aim her sights on Sasha before pulling the trigger, and the bullet found its target with ease. Sasha lived for a few minutes once she was shot, but her death was passed on to the group at large before the episode ended.

Sasha's death marks one of the biggest to occur in the anime period. It is right up there with Erwin and Marco. Her senseless death has only fueled anger towards Eren as his destructive choices put Sasha in death's way. And now, Attack on Titan fans are left unsure of how Gabi and Falco will fare in the face of this death.

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