Attack on Titan Kickstarts New War in a Horrifying Scene: Watch

Attack on Titan promised fans its fourth season would be one to watch, and it made good on that [...]

Attack on Titan promised fans its fourth season would be one to watch, and it made good on that vow this week. After a slower start than usual, things kicked off in full force this week when an episode of season four came to light. It was there a brand-new war kicked off, and things ended with one of the anime's most intense cliffhangers to date.

The whole thing got started with episode five of Attack on Titan season four went live. The whole thing began with Eren and Reiner reuniting under Marley's capitol while a rally took place above. It was there fans witnessed the pair's awaited reunion after Reiner revealed his true identity to his former friends. And after the Marley leaders made their desire for war known, Eren acted.

As you can see above, the end of this episode got things heated in a huge way. Eren and Reiner have a dark conversation about their wills to live with the latter begging for death on his knees. While Falco looks on, Eren tells Reiner he feels the same as his friend as he will do anything to defeat his enemies. That is when Eren chooses to transform into a Titan, and all hell breaks loose.

The episode's final moment shows Eren's Titan form breaking from the building behind the rally as Willy Tybur asks the world's help in destroying the Eldians. Both of those moments are horrifying to take in, and they only get worse when Eren makes his first move. The Attack Titan crushes Willy and tosses him into the air as a snack. This episode ends just before Eren is able to swallow the Tybur whole, so there is no doubt the War Hammer Titan will make its big debut next week.

Clearly, war has started anew in Marley, and season four will break down the final conflict between the nation and Paradis. At last, it is time for the Eldians to get some justice, but Eren's ambush might end up causing more harm than good by the end of Attack on Titan.

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