Attack on Titan Creator Inks New Sketch of the Big Three

Attack on Titan hardly needs an introduction these days. The action-packed series helped push anime back to the forefront when its first season launched, and it has been a hit ever since. Now, the anime's final batch of episodes is on the horizon, and all eyes are looking to Eren ahead of its release. So of course, the creator of Attack on Titan felt it was only right to release new art of his big three heroes.

The update comes from Hajime Isayama himself, so fans can thank the creator for the gift. As you can see below, a new piece of art featuring Eren and his best friends has been revealed. And obviously, it has the fandom feeling a certain kind of emotion.

The three friends are younger here as Eren leads Armin and Mikasa as they run ahead. The latter is wearing her treasured red scarf, and Armin looks like he has no cares in the world. Honestly, this is the most carefree the trio has been in ages, and fans admit it is nice to see even if it hurts at the same time.

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After all, Attack on Titan knows how the story plays out for these three friends. The anime has set up their final clash as Eren has set forth his plan for global genocide, and the only ones who can stop him are his closest friends. The manga has already wrapped the conflict, and in true Attack on Titan style, it is angsty to say the least. But even with this future in mind, Isayama's throwback sketch here shows just how close Eren and his friends were before the Colossal Titan unturned their lives.

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