Attack on Titan Shares New Art of Eren and Levi Ahead of Anime's Return

The relationship between Eren Jaeger and Levi in Attack on Titan was formerly one mired in respect, with the latter coming to realize that the Attack Titan was a serious boon to the Paradis residents. Of course, the former bond between the two soldiers has been strained beyond belief thanks in part to Eren's new plan, though MAPPA is getting fans ready for the Final Season with new art featuring the two former friends before Eren became the new Founding Titan.

When last we left Levi, the captain of the Scout Regiment had been dealing with the wounds that he received thanks to his error in keeping Zeke Jaeger, aka the Beast Titan, under wraps. With Eren's brother freeing himself by nearly committing suicide, Levi was caught in the blast that has taken a number of his appendages while severely scarring him in the process. Finding the likes of Armin, Mikasa, Reiner, Annie, and more, Levi and Hange have joined forces with those who are looking to oppose Eren's current path of eliminating most of the world's population to save the residents of Paradis. Now looking to save the lives of those who hate and fear them, Attack on Titan is looking to end on quite the bang.

Studio MAPPA, as a part of the 2023 Attack on Titan calendar, shared this brand new art showing Levi and Eren before the Attack Titan gained the power of the Founding Titan and used his newfound strength to unleash an army of Colossal Titans upon the world, putting Eren's former friends into quite the difficult situation in how to stop their former friend:

(Photo: MAPPA)

A precise release date has yet to be revealed for the final episodes of Attack on Titan, though MAPPA will certainly have its work cut out for it considering how the final battle played out in the manga from creator Hajime Isayama. On the manga side, Isayama has revealed no plans for any potential new stories in the universe of the devastating behemoths, sequels or otherwise, though, considering the popularity that is attached to the franchise, it is a possibility that we see the universe return in some form or fashion in the future.

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Via Attack on Titan Wiki