Attack on Titan Reveals Official Size of Eren's Final Form

Attack on Titan has made Eren Jaeger quite disturbing, not just thanks to his plan in which Earth's popular would be greatly reduced, but also via his new appearance granted to him by the Founding Titan. Now controlling a wall of Colossal Titans that are stomping their way around the globe, MAPPA has shared an impressive graphic that compares Eren's current girth to the overall size of a community within the walls. Needless to say, Eren's put on some weight.     

Eren's new transformation doesn't just make him the largest Titan that we've seen to date, it also allows him to control the Eldian people in whichever way he chooses. This of course is a terrible situation for the Survey Corps, as Armin, Jean, Annie, Reiner, and many others can now be puppeted by Jaeger if he so desires. With the season finale previously seeing the Scout Regiment managing to get their hands on an airship, that involved killing a number of their former friends to do so, the final battle has yet to begin and despite this victory, the heroes of Paradis still have no idea how to handle Eren in his new form.

A new CG Model from Studio MAPPA shows how Eren's Founding Titan looms large of Shiganshina district, also showing how horrifying the form is as Eren's head and legs are far smaller than his rib cage, which looms overhead and dwarfs the other behemoths that we've seen throughout the series:

The final season will be split up into three distinct parts when all is said and done, with MAPPA taking the reins from Wit Studio as the journey of the Scout Regiment will explore some terrifying, unexplored territory. Hajime Isayama, the creator of the popular anime franchise, hasn't revealed any hints when it came to the potential of Attack on Titan receiving a sequel in the future, and while the ending is quite definitive for Eren and company, there might be some wriggle room for the universe to continue in some form. 

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