Attack on Titan Might Be Eyeing More Anime Projects

Attack on Titan is one of those series that could go on for a long time. Despite the manga having ended, the anime is heading towards its final hurrah, and the series is thriving with fans in the meantime. And thanks to a recent tweet, the fandom is wondering whether more content is on the horizon for Attack on Titan.

The whole conversation began when Attack on Titan shared its return date for season four. The official manga page for Attack on Titan's editor shared the big announcement as thanks. It was there the team hype up season four, and the editors said they've begun meeting about the future of the franchise.

"A thank you to the Attack on Titan anime that keeps us happy (and working) even after the manga's serialization ended. Along with the anime, we [the staff] have begun meeting about the future, so please look forward to it," the tweet reads.

As you can imagine, fans were quick to geek out about the vague note. It could very well be nothing, but the editors of Attack on Titan are still actively working on the franchise. This is even after Hajime Isayama brought his renowned manga to an end. So if given the chance, fans are sure the team would love to explore other elements of Paradis.

For now, there are no firm plans in store to continue Attack on Titan. This could change at any time, so of course, fans have taken it upon themselves to pitch new projects. It seems like most fans are interested in spin-offs as opposed to sequels. For instance, a spin-off about Reiner or Erwin is at the top of the fandom's most-wanted list. So if the Attack on Titan team is still brainstorming pitches, they better listen up!

What do you think about Attack on Titan's next steps? Should the franchise bow out or find new stories to explore? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.