Attack On Titan Highlights Mikasa in New Season 4 Promo

The fourth season of Attack On Titan is set to come to a close next January, pitting the Scout Regiment not just against familiar foes in the nation of Marley, but also from within as they attempt to stop the wild plan of their former friend, Eren Jaeger. With the final episodes set to be some of the bloodiest of the series to date, the upcoming finale has released new promotional art that gives us a fresh take on the fit of Mikasa, who has been placed in the undesirable position of having to fight against her former friend.

Mikasa has had a difficult life, with her parents being killed in her earlier years and being adopted by the Jaeger family. Eventually being revealed to be a part of the Ackerman clan, Mikasa essentially imprinted herself onto Eren and has spent the majority of the season fighting Titans in an attempt to save Jaeger from all dangers in his life. With season four presenting Eren as a threat to both the island of Paradis and the nation of Marley, Mikasa is now unsure of what she should do and will be put in a position of being between a rock and a hard place. 

Reddit User Mephisto Lover 24 shared this official artwork from the upcoming second half of Attack On Titan's final season, focusing on Mikasa in her three-dimensional maneuver gear which was given an upgrade thanks in part to the technology given to the Scout Regiment by the followers of Zeke Jaeger:

Mikasa in new Attack on Titan illustration from ShingekiNoKyojin

The final half of Attack On Titan's anime will once again see Studio MAPPA return, having taken the reins from Wit Studio when the latest season began. With the manga coming to a close earlier this year, fans following along with the printed story of Hajime Isayama know that the studio has some big battle sequences that they will need to adapt, leaving fans wondering how the Scout Regiment will look in these dire situations. 

What do you think of this new look at Mikasa? What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming second half of the final season of Attack On Titan? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Titans.