Attack on Titan Fan Recreates Shiganshina to Scale in Minecraft

Attack on Titan fans are a determined group, and they will go the distance to celebrate one of the best anime series to ever debut. Of course, this passion extends every kind of medium from fan-art to cosplay. And as one Reddit user proved, there is nothing keeping the fandom from honoring Attack on Titan with a scale build on Minecraft.

Over on social media, the user FoxicalOW wowed fans with their own project from Minecraft. The fan spent quite some time doing a 1:1 build of Shiganshina in their own Minecraft world. The build is impressively detailed given its size, and FoxicalOW deserves all the praise for their pet project.

According to the user, their team ensured the scale was 1:1 with help from Builder's Refuge. The service allows users to access a community server that's loaded with build tools designed for these massive builds. Still, FoxicalOW and their team had to make some design changes to the Attack on Titan city. For instance, the user said the city's walls were doubled in height to ensure the houses could be tall enough.

At this point, this map is not available for just anyone to use, but FoxicalOW says they plan to upload it soon. The current goal is to make Shiganshina available on Minecraft Java for PC users. And once it is open, fans will be able to stage their own Attack on Titan fan-films from the comfort of a shared Minecraft server.

What do you make of this Minecraft build? Which other Attack on Titan locales need this sort of treatment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


HT - PCGamesn