Attack on Titan Shares First-Look at Musical

Attack on Titan is ready to take on the new year, and this time, we aren't talking about the anime. The series plans to out its final few episodes in 2023, but all eyes are on a different sect of the IP right now. After all, the Attack on Titan musical has launched overseas, and we have been given our first look at the project.

Yes, that is right. Attack on Titan has been adapted into a musical, and the stage production is absolutely wild. As you can see in the promo below, the musical adapts Hajime Isayama's famous series in live-action. The pitch is pretty solid, and despite all of the singing and dancing, the project feels like a solid addition to the Attack on Titan community.

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Now if you are not familiar with this project, no worries! The musical was announced last year, and it just launched in Osaka starting January 7th. The show will continue through the end of January with its final shows scheduled in Tokyo. The musical's cast includes Kurumu Okamiya as Eren while Sara Takatsuki and Eito Konishi handle Mikasa and Armin. Oh, and Ryo Matsuda was tapped to handle the role of Levi.

Clearly, Attack on Titan is living for its musical, and the project is far from the first stage piece to tackle anime. In fact, a number of top-tier titles have been given stage adaptations since debuting. From Death Note to Naruto and My Hero Academia, the tradition holds strong in 2023, and Attack on Titan just proved as much to us all. 

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