Attack on Titan Throwback Completes a Famous Scene with Tragic Reveal

Attack on Titan is one of those series that likes to take fans for a spin, and its most recent [...]

Attack on Titan is one of those series that likes to take fans for a spin, and its most recent chapter did just that. With its finale less than a month away, all eyes were on chapter 138 to see how Eren and Mikasa would end up. Now, fans have learned how their story has ended, and one moment in their ending calls back to a famous panel from the past.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers before Attack on Titan chapter 138. You have been warned!


The update went live this month with all sorts of shocking reveals. Attack on Titan readers watched in shock as Mikasa killed Eren at the end of chapter 138 after coming to her senses. The heroine cut Eren's head from his body after his revived Titan form turned hundreds into pure titans against their will. In their final moment, Mikasa and Eren shared a brief kiss, but they also reconnected in a dream-like world where she had one thing to say to her love.

Mikasa told the boy, "See you later, Eren," and the phrase sent shockwaves around the fandom. After all, this is not the first time fans have seen the girl say this. During a previous chapter, fans watched Eren as he relived much of his life through the Eldian paths which connect each person to one another. It was there Eren got a confusing vision of an older Mikasa telling Eren she would see him later... and the moment was taken from chapter 138.

After all, the throwback panel featured Mikasa in the same outfit fans see her wearing in chapter 138. With her hair cut, Mikasa looks adorable with a long-sleeve shirt and scarf. It turns out Eren was having a vision of his future, and it wasn't nearly as happy as fans expected it to be. After all, Mikasa's words were shared just before Eren died, and readers are feeling heartbroken about the overdue revelation.

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