Attack on Titan Cosplay Peels Back Eren's Dark Side

Attack on Titan has kept its focus on Eren Jaeger since the very start, and it will not shift its [...]

Attack on Titan has kept its focus on Eren Jaeger since the very start, and it will not shift its eye ahead of the finale. As you may know, the series closed shop this year when its manga ended, and the anime will follow in 2022. Fans are already dreading the goodbye, and one cosplayer decided to ease the wait for new episodes by bringing out a special photoshoot.

The look comes from Instagram as Tsun Takeru felt it was time to give Eren a shot. The Attack on Titan cosplay, which can be found below, focuses on the hero as we see him in the midseason finale. The boy looks edgier than usual, and this photoshoot perfectly captures the shift.

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The cosplay is simple enough, but the attention is in the details. When it comes to clothes, Eren is rocking a simple brown shirt with a lace tie at the collar. The tunic is totally canon to Attack on Titan, and the Takeru is covered up in a jacket to complete the look.

As for Eren's face, Takeru uses lighting and make-up to transform into the Titan Shifter. With his brown hair pulled back into a bun, Eren's thick brows and shadowed eyes are unmistakable. A bit of lighting brings the cosplay to an end as it brings out Eren's nose, so this photoshoot gets all the kudos from us.

If you want to see Takeru's other pieces, you can find them here on Instagram. The cosplay has tackled a ton of familiar anime characters alongside other Attack on Titan leads!

For those wanting an update on Attack on Titan, the anime promises to wrap up its story in early 2022. MAPPA Studios will finish the adaptation following the manga's completion. The manga's final volume will be published this June in Japan before heading stateside under Kodansha Comics.

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