Attack on Titan Announces Week-Long Hiatus for Holidays

Attack on Titan took its time coming to the small screen, but fans are very happy it has finally [...]

Attack on Titan took its time coming to the small screen, but fans are very happy it has finally made landing. At last, the hit anime made its return with season four, and this final adventure promises to bring Eren's journey to aa close. The season is an episode in at this point with plenty more expected to follow, but it does seem a hiatus is coming for season four already.

If you haven't heard the new report regarding Attack on Titan, it goes something like this. It turns out the show will be taking a break on January 3 which means episode five will not air that date. Instead, the episode will be pushed to January 10 to give the show's staff a holiday breaks. Of course, this hiatus is in honor of the new year, and Attack on Titan only plus to be gone for a single week.

Attack on Titan Final Season Poster Season 4 Anime
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As for the episodes leading up to this hiatus, they will debut at normal. Episode 2 is slated to debut within the week on December 13. Episodes 3 and 4 will follow on December 20 and December 27 respectively.

At this point, no other hiatuses are on the horizon, but Attack on Titan might end up taking more. After all, this fourth and final season promises to end the story, but the manga hasn't even finished yet. Creator Hajime Isayama is nearing the finale with each chapter, but the manga's monthly schedule means the anime team could catch up to Isayama if the finale happens to take longer.

That isn't even to mention the issue of season four's current episode order. So far, the anime has ordered a measly 16 episodes this season. That is a mighty short order for Attack on Titan, especially when you consider season four has to cover 45+ chapters. A separate batch might be in development, and if that is the case, the wait for those releases will surely take more than a week.

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