Attack On Titan Season 4 Premiere Introduces Powerful Anti-Titan Weapons

Attack On Titan season 4 has introduced a major game-changer in the form of Anti-Titan weapons [...]

Attack On Titan season 4 has introduced a major game-changer in the form of Anti-Titan weapons that can decimate the seemingly invincible giants. The anime's final season moves the focus to the nation of Marley, which we finally got to see at the end of season 3. As it turns out, in Marley Titans are true weapons of war, which the world outside of the walls has been trying to counter for years. With Titan-killing weapons finally on the battlefield, the entire 'Era of Titans' looks to be nearing its end. No surprise then, that this is the beginning of Attack on Titan's final season!

Attack on Titan Season 4 SPOILERS Follow!

In "The Other Side of the Sea" we meet the warriors of Marley in their final desperate campaign against Fort Slava, the final stronghold of the Mid-East Allied Forces. Marley's military uses the Eldian people as their primary war fodder, and an entire brigade of Eldian's is thrown at Fort Slava's defenses, with many of them getting cut to shreds on the battlefield. However, Marley has as a major operation planned with a combined ground and air assault, led by four of their Warrior Titans - including the Cart and Jaw Titans, as well as Zeke's Beast Titan, and Reiner's Armored Titan.

However, the specialty Titans hit the battlefield at Fort Slava, they quickly realize they don't have the guaranteed victory they thought they would - far from it. The Mid-East Allied Forces have developed their own "Armored Titans" - a heavy-armored military train, outfitted with 150 mm canons. Those canons fire shells that can even blow holes in the Armored Titan's thick armor, and Reiner is almost taken out when leading the assault on the fort.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers Titan Killing Weapons Guns

It's not just the military conveys that are the danger; As Zeke's Beast Titan takes on the Mid-East Allies' naval fleet, the ships fire similar weapons that also nearly take out Zeke - if not for Reiner sacrificing his Armored Titan's body to shield his commander. Even though Marley's warriors ultimately conquer Fort Slava and bring the war with the Mid-East Allies to an end, it's a hollow victory in Zeke's eyes. Zeke knows that the power of the Titans is fading out as technology advances - and after the Battle of Fort Slava, the world will know that these supposed Titan gods can be killed. That will change the balance of power in the world, going forward - not to mention the worth of the Eldian people to the Marley military machine.

Attack on Titan season 4 is now streaming new episodes Sundays on Funimation and Hulu.