Attack On Titan Cosplay Captures The Horror Of The Beast Titan

Though the Beast Titan had no role to play in the first season of Attack On Titan's anime, Zeke [...]

Though the Beast Titan had no role to play in the first season of Attack On Titan's anime, Zeke Jaeger has become an integral part of the anime franchise in its last, and one fan has used some clever makeup to create an insane take on the brother of Eren Jaeger that is causing so many problems for both Eldia and Marley. With the first half of season four's finale having Zeke's plan continue to march forward, it's clear that we'll be seeing plenty more of the Beast Titan when the television series returns in 2022.

When the Beast Titan first appeared at the beginning of Attack On Titan's second season, fans were taken aback when the Titan was able to form full sentences, being the first Titan that was able to do so. With his secrets eventually being revealed as a soldier of Marley, Zeke's allegiances have thrown fans for a loop as the final season has shown audiences that the Beast Titan is a friend to neither Eldia nor Marley. Attempting to enact the "Euthanasia Plan", Zeke now has the full cooperation of his brother Eren and is seeking to make sure that no new Eldians are born to suffer thanks to their ties to the power of the Titans.

Instagram Cosplayer Kappy_W shared this insane recreation of the Beast Titan, bringing Zeke Jaeger to life just in time for the Euthanasia Plan in the series' anime to begin that sees the eldest Jaeger joined by his little brother, as well as a number of restorationists that now consider themselves to be "Jaegerists":

The Beast Titan has always been a terrifying opponent to face, with the third season showing off his deadly skills by hurling boulders at the majority of the Survey Corps, killing Captain Erwin in the process. In the latest episode, we saw just how much resolve Zeke has, as he causes an exploding that destroys his lower half and also might have killed Levi in the process. Though the second half of Season Four is several months away, there will definitely be plenty to look forward to when it makes its grand return.

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