Attack on Titan Creator Says Two Stories Inspired His Series' Ending

Attack on Titan has spent years following Eren and his comrades as they try to rid the world of [...]

Attack on Titan has spent years following Eren and his comrades as they try to rid the world of Titans, so it is only fair the gang gets to rest before long. The manga has been closing in on its final chapter for months now, and creator Hajime Isayama plans to see the manga through. Recently, the artist even did an interview in Japan to hype readers for the final chapter of Attack on Titan, and it was there he teased the stories which inspired his impending finale.

As you can imagine, the interview with Isayama was devoured by fans, and many took to social media to break out its most important bits. The user ghauriaayaphir was one such fan, and they said Isayama specifically called out Jurassic Park and Muv Luv as points of inspiration.

Looking at these two stories, you can take away some important teases about the ending of Attack on Titan. Jurassic Park is fairly easy to pick apart as there's little doubt the Titans are tied to the dinosaurs. The creatures are brought into this world by a scientist who didn't account for the damage they could do. Running unchecked on an island, the dinosaurs are eventually destroyed along with the island, but a few managed to live on after escaping the raid.

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As for Muv Luv, the old-school title follows an average love story that becomes way more complicated with alternate timelines are thrown into the equation. This could very well mean Attack on Titan ends with its leads living peacefully in a world where Titans never existed, and fans are rightfully concerned about this extreme option. After all, they are fretting attached to the universe Isayama introduced years ago, and things would not be the same if Eren were taken out of that world.

There is no word on how Attack on Titan will end under Isayama's hand, but fans are hoping the ending lives up to their expectations. The action-packed series has been an important fixture in the industry for years now with many comparing it to Game of Thrones. But if this manga flops its finale as the HBO show did... well, things are going to get ugly fast.

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