Attack on Titan Final Season Teases the Jaw Titan

Attack on Titan finally gave fans a look into the final season of the anime with a fierce trailer, and in it teased the debut of a brand new Titan, the Jaw Titan. The fourth and final season of the series will be taking the war for the world outside of the walls of Eldia and into a whole new region. As Eren and the other members of the Survey Corps set their sights on the "real" enemy, they will come face to face with new Titan powers held by other major hosts.

One of these new Titans can be seen running amok in the debut trailer for the fourth and final season, the Jaw Titan, who boasts a fearsome lion mane and a much smaller but ferocious version of the Titans Eren and the other members of the Survey Corps have been fighting so far. But it won't be the only new Titan power.

The fourth and final season of the series will take place years after the events of the third season and the battle within Eldia's walls comes to an end. Eren and the others realized that there are other enemies across the sea from them, and the fourth and final season sees them heading into the home country of Reiner and the other Titan hosts.

Attack on Titan Final Season Jaw Titan
(Photo: Studio MAPPA)

The Jaw Titan might be wrapped in mystery for now, but their true identity plays a major role in the upcoming conflict. Many of the scenes in the trailer seem to come from one of the very first conflicts following the time skip, and the Jaw Titan makes their debut along with the rest of the other new Titan powers to fill out the set.

The reason Eren and the others took the initiative in this war in the first place was to gain control of the remaining Titan powers, and this struggle will be one of the core threads of the final arc of the series. There are several twists and turns still to come after the debut of these new Titan powers, and fans


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