Attack on Titan Final Season Teases the Survey Corps' Dark New Look

Attack on Titan's fourth and final season is getting ready for its big debut, and the first [...]

Attack on Titan's fourth and final season is getting ready for its big debut, and the first trailer for this final anime run has given us a tease of the darker new look for the members of the Survey Corps. The fourth and final season of the anime taakes places several years after the events of the third season. Now that Eren and the other members of the Survey Corps made their way outside of the walls and took down that initial Titan threat, they will be going on the offensive this time around as they head into the new region of Marley for a big new war.

Towards the end of the third season, the Survey Corps realized that the Titans weren't their only major enemy as Reiner and the other hosts had come from a different country across the seas. With the battle now heading to a whole new country, this darker look for the team makes a ton of sense as the scope of the battle has changed.

The first trailer for the fourth and final season of the series showcases the first major battle in the war with Marley as the Survey Corps enact a long in the making plan to take the first move. The Survey Corps themselves are doing a much different kind of "survey" these days as their black suited, and slightly more decked out look is part of the changing mantra for the Eldian military.

Attack on Titan Final Season Sasha
(Photo: Studio MAPPA)

Acting as more of a "stealth corps" than anything else, the battles will be far fiercer than anything that they had come across in their own country. The series has been steadily getting bigger and bigger with each new arc, and Attack on Titan's upcoming war will be what brings the anime to an end. With older characters, darker tones, and a more intense Eren than ever, there are quite a few things fans will need to keep an eye on when the anime returns.

Attack on Titan has yet to confirm when the fourth and final season of the series will premiere, but will keep you updated as soon as a concrete release date has been made available. What do you think of the Survey Corps' darker look? Does it make you excited for the final season? What do you think this new look means for the team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!