Attack On Titan to Release New Eren Statue for Final Season

Eren Jaeger has been powering up in the fourth season of Attack On Titan, not just wielding the powers of the Attack Titan and War Hammer Titan, but also amassing a following via a cadre of soldiers that refer to themselves as the Jaegerists. Taking on a decidedly different appearance from what we've seen in the first three seasons, Eren is getting a brand new statue that captures the intensity of his final aesthetic. 

The latest episode put Eren into quite a difficult situation, as he tried to take the hand of his brother Zeke in order to access the power of the Founding Titan. While he was only seconds away from making contact, the Marleyian soldier, and Titan trainee, Gabi was able to exact her revenge against the youngest Jaeger, unleashing a destructive salvo that separated Eren's head from his shoulders. Unfortunately for Gabi, and perhaps the world, Zeke was able to catch his brother's flying head in mid-air and transport them both to a realm that has a mysterious light while also allowing them to encounter the mysterious young girl, Ymir, who is also the Founding Titan.

Twitter User Attack On Titan Wiki shared this upcoming statue which is set to land later this year of Eren Jaeger's distinctly different look in Season Four, created by LC Studio and retailing for around $350 USD if anime fans want to add this statue to their collection:

There are only a handful of episodes left before the war between the Marleyians and the Eldians comes to a close, with fans beginning to think that Studio MAPPA might be planning to animate the last battle via a movie. With this last season seeing plenty of casualties from both sides of the aisle in this dark conflict, fans who have only been following the anime should definitely prepare themselves for even more deaths as Eren moves toward accomplishing his goal that is a mystery to everyone except for himself.

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