Attack On Titan Unleashes New Final Season Trailer

Attack On Titan has earned its place as one of the biggest anime franchises in the world today, and the final season of the dark series isn't looking to hold anything back. With a new trailer showing us the wild battle between the Scout Regiment, the nation of Marley, and Eren Jaeger's Jaegerists, fans should ready for themselves to say goodbye to some of their favorite characters as Studio MAPPA adapts the last arc of the bleak anime franchise.    

If you need a refresher on the story of the Survey Corps's fourth season, the previous episodes came to a close with the nation of Marley baring down on the island of Paradis. With Eren Jaeger attempting to enact a devious plan known as the "Euthanasia Plan," the Scout Regiment has been placed on the sidelines with Eren imprisoning his friends to make sure they wouldn't be able to halt his plans of sterilizing anyone that has the ability to inherit the power of the Titans. The final season has taken the opportunity to shift the board when it comes to alliances and the final episodes will do this even more as all the players come together for a massive assault.

The new trailer from Studio MAPPA has been released, giving fans of Attack On Titan an idea for the battle that will herald the end of the series, which is sure to have plenty of death and destruction involved considering how bleak the anime series has been previously when it comes to the conflict between Marley and Eldia:

Attack On Titan's manga ended earlier this year, bringing to a close the mature tale and while creator Hajime Isayama hasn't mentioned the idea of returning to the popular world he created, rumors are swirling that there might be new anime projects in the works. Before the end comes, there will be plenty of wild moments in the story of Eren Jaeger, Mikasa, and Armin, and as has been the case with the series throughout, expect some massive casualties before the Scout Regiment takes its curtain call.

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