Attack on Titan Final Season Drops Part 2 Poster

Attack on Titan is pushing ahead with its final season this year, and all eyes are on Eren Yeager in preparation for what's to come. Season four has already put the lead in a rough spot as Eren has forfeited his hero status to take on something more sinister. And now, a new poster for Attack on Titan's final season is here to highlight the burgeoning villain.

The visual comes straight from Japan and MAPPA Studios. The company posted a new poster hyping Attack on Titan season 4B. It is there fans can check on Eren, and it seems the hero hasn't lost his rough edge one bit.

As you can see above, Eren looks the same as usual with his long hair and sharp features. Dressed with an overcoat and tunic, Eren would look easygoing if it were not for his face. The Titan Shifter looks scary serious in this Attack on Titan poster, and his glowing green eyes aren't giving good vibes.

The poster goes on to showcase others from the anime, but they are all passing pieces compared to Eren. The hero-come-villain is the star of the show. But if you look at the crystals sprouting from Eren, you will find everyone from Levi to Hange and Mikasa. Eren's friends will have to continue their mission once season four continues, and fans know it will be difficult. After all, Eren wants to kill off all Marleyeans for their sins, but even Levi knows his friend has gone off the deep end.

As you can imagine, fans are hyped for Attack on Titan's new season, and this poster is only amping them up. The show's final season is expected to resume in December, so Eren's journey will run its course by March. So if you are not caught up with Attack on Titan, you have a little time left to binge the hit series.

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