Attack On Titan Breaks Hearts with Its Latest Sacrifice

The world of Attack On Titan isn't afraid to spill some blood in its final season, with major casualties taking place in the war between the Eldians and Marleyians. With Eren Jaeger throwing a major monkey wrench into the proceedings by creating his own cult looking to fulfill an objective outside of either side's view, the second half of season four has once again taken another player off the board, while also transferring a Titan's power from one pair of hands to another. 

The nation of Marley has descended upon the island of Paradis, with Reiner the Armored Titan leading the charge in an effort to reclaim the power of the Founding Titan from Eren Jaeger, with no qualms about killing his former friend in the process. With a number of the higher-ups within Eldian's armed forces having been tricked into downing the spinal fluid of Zeke Jaeger, thanks in part to some spiked wine, dozens if not hundreds of soldiers were transformed into walking time bombs, as the Beast Titan needed only to scream to transform them all into mindless Titans which he could control. 

Unfortunately for the brothers Falco and Colt, the Titan trainee has inadvertently drunk down some of Zeke's spinal fluid as well, meaning that should the Beast Titan scream, Falco would be transformed as well. With the two brothers making their way to the eldest Jaeger, they are able to hold a conversation with the hairy Titan but are unable to dissuade him from ultimately screaming, which not only transforms Falco, but also kills Colt who refuses to let his brother go as the transformation begins. 

Though Colt died, Falco wasn't a mindless beast for long, as his new body quickly bit down on the nearest human, which just so happened to be Porco, the wielder of the power of the Jaw Titan. While we have yet to see what this new version of the Jaw Titan will look like, it means that Falco won't simply be a mindless behemoth and might just have an ax to grind with both Zeke and Eren Jaeger alike.

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