Attack on Titan Explains How Eren Survived THAT Attack

Attack on Titan has thrown fans for a loop with a major fatal blow on Eren Yeager in the newest episode that he somehow survived from, and there's a pretty surprising explanation as to why! The fourth and final season of the series is now heating up as the climax continues exploring the fight between Eren and Zeke against Marley and Eldia, and the two Yeager brothers had been trying to reunite throughout the latest string of episodes in order to enact their grand plan. This ends up happening with the newest episode, but not in the way anyone probably would have guessed.  

The newest episode of the series continues Eren's desperate attempt to connect with Zeke so the two of them can unite and unlock the Founding Titan's power, but he's interrupted before that can happen. Fueled by rage, Gabi Braun ends up landing a perfect shot on Eren that completely separates his head from his body. But while this would have been the end of any other character, it actually only serves as a small speed bump for Eren thanks to his head luckily connecting with Zeke seconds before death. 

Episode 78 of Attack on Titan sees Eren and Zeke trying to reunite, and even Mikasa and the members of the Survey Corps tried their best to protect Eren in the process. But while he ends up escaping from his Titan body and trying to make his way to Zeke, Gabi spots him before he can meet up with his brother and shoots him through the neck. This sends his separated head flying through the skies and Zeke manages to catch it right before it hits the ground, this actually does unlock the Founding Titan's power just as they hoped. 

Much like how the power ended up saving Zeke from his critical state, this was enough to bring Eren into the Paths and save him from his death as well. It's a little gruesome, but it's known that someone's head can survive for a few hellish seconds after being separated from their body, and it's the same case here as Eren didn't quite die when his head landed on Zeke's hand. This bought them enough time to save Eren and move on with their grand scheme. 

It's a wild way to bring him back from such a deathly injury, but what do you think? Did you expect Eren to come back from such a fatal blow like that? What do you think it means for his role in the rest of the series? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!