Attack on Titan Reveals the Founding Titan's Most Dangerous Power Yet

Attack on Titan's newest chapter has revealed the Founding Titan's most dangerous power yet! The [...]

Attack on Titan's newest chapter has revealed the Founding Titan's most dangerous power yet! The series is inching closer to its grand finale with each new chapter, and Eren's final Founding Titan form has reached Marley and the last corner of humanity's defense. After challenging his former friends in the Survey Corps to one final fight (that he must have perceived with his ability to look into the future), that fight itself has come to pass as the Survey Corps have now made their way to the top of Eren's massive and frightening skeletal frame.

As they have gotten to the top of Eren's Founding Titan form, they have quickly realized just how much tougher this fight is actually going to be because the Founding Titan has an ability that no one knew about. As it turns out, the Founding Titan can summon all sorts of Titans at will, and this includes every past generation of the Nine Titan powers.

Chapter 135 of the series sees Mikasa and the rest of the Survey Corps land on Eren's back, but before Armin can give the order for them to move so he can explode with his Colossal Titan power he's quickly eaten by a Titan that Ymir had summoned. Soon, the others are quickly overwhelmed by a group of other Titans that are looking incredibly familiar.

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Pieck pieces together that these Titans are actually the Nine Titans from throughout the ages. Although it's hard to tell whether or not each of them has a mind of their own, it's clear that the Founding Titan has the ability to summon an infinite number of these Titans that were specifically bred with the ultimately battle capabilities as we have seen in action through the rest of the series.

It's soon clear that the Survey Corps are in far over their heads with this first attempt, and luckily their soon saved from being killed entirely when it's revealed that Titans now have the ability to fly. With all of these new powers and Titans in the mix, it's going to take something even stronger than what humanity has at their disposal at this time.

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