Attack on Titan Reveals a Surprising New Titan Power

Attack on Titan fans know the power and danger that lurks behind any Eldian who has inherited a Power Titan. From Annie to Eren and beyond, the manga has made it clear that these characters are powerful beyond all means, but there are still secrets behind these beasts we don't know. In fact, the most recent manga chapter uncovered a new secret about a special Titan, and it has fans freaking out.

If you have read chapter 135 of Attack on Titan, you will have seen this power for yourself. The whole chapter kicked off with a major battle as the Paradis crew began their battle with Eren. However, it turns out the Founding Titan can resurrect any of the previous Power Titans to do their bidding. That wasn't great obviously, but our heroes were saved when Falco showed up with his new Titan power in check.

It turns out the boy's hunch about flight was correct. Falco's Titan was reincarnated with the ability to fly. The final pages of this new chapter shows Falco in all of his flying glory, and he is absolutely covered in feathers. In fact, it seems like Falco is just a giant bird now with a vaguely human face, and his speed is what kept our heroes from dying.

This new power has Attack on Titan fans drawing a lot of questions as Falco inherited the Jaw Titan. Porco did not have a power similar to this one, but Falco says he was able to tap into this power after intaking spinal fluid from Zeke, the Beast Titan. Now, it seems there may be a way to unlock the power of previous Titans, and that will shift the tides of war if so.


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