Attack on Titan Reunites Eren and His Friends Under the Worst Circumstances

Attack on Titan just reunited Eren with his former friends under the worst circumstances possible. Series creator Hajime Isayama announced that the manga is around 98 percent complete, and this idea certainly hits home as the newest chapter of the series kicks off what seems to be the climax of the final arc of the manga. As Eren Yeager continues to harness the power of the Founding Titan and is using the Wall Titans to stomp across the world and kill everyone outside of Paradis, Mikasa, Armin, and the last remnants of humanity make their move against him.

After having one last "conversation" in which Eren invited the Survey Corps survivors to do battle against him as he refuses to back down from his mass genocide plan in the previous chapter, the newest chapter of the series brings this to life as Mikasa, Armin and the others finally come face to face with Eren's final form.

Chapter 134 of Attack on Titan shows the devastation of Eren and the Titans as they continue rampaging across the world and crushing everyone beneath their feet, and the last remnants of humanity make one final effort against the Titans in an effort to save their lives. But this clearly doesn't work as Eren not only has the Wall Titans on his side, but he has Zeke's power (and the Founding Titan continue with him) in his arsenal as well.

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(Photo: Kodansha)

Soon enough, the Survey Corps make their way to Eren's location and finally see up close just how much damage he has been causing. After nearly being blasted out of the sky, the Survey Corps together with Reiner and Pieck make their big move against Eren. After Eren told them he won't back down, Armin and Mikasa want some answers and will now be asking him face to face.

Eren has essentially cut all ties with his humanity and his former life and friends, but seeing them come face to face like this just might reveal a last second turn that we might not be expecting. But then again, there's really only one way it can all end as one of these sides will have to die to bring this conflict to a close.


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