Attack on Titan May Have Answered a Big Question About Its Final Chapter

Attack on Titan has been edging towards its end for some time now, and it seems like things are about to come to a head. The manga's creator told the world this month that the series is 98% done, so the endgame is well and truly here. With all eyes on chapter 134, fans are trying to piece together how the series will end, and Attack on Titan may have answered a bit question about its final chapter.

For those who may not remember, the question at hand appeared awhile back. A documentary on Attack on Titan gave the world a gift when it spoke with Hajime Isayama. It was there the creator shared a sketch from the final chapter. The panel didn't give away much, but it did show an unknown person from the back as they held a baby against their shoulder. The child's head could be seen nestled in the crook, and fans were left confused by the image.

attack on titan

After all, Attack on Titan isn't the kind of series to tote around kids. Most children in the series tend to die, but chapter 134 opened up two possible answers as to the child's identity.

The first has to do with Historia as the new ruler of Paradis agreed to have a child to secure the island nation's safety. It is not known who fathered the kid, but Historia has been with child for months now. Chapter 134 follows the heroine on her due date as it shows Historia giving birth, so fans are curious if the baby teased by Isayama is her child.

The other answer comes from a baby shown in Marley. Chapter 134 opens to a brutal death count as the Rumbling kills hundreds if not thousands of people fleeing for their lives. Not even kids are spared from the fate, but one baby manages to survive even after their mother if flung off a cliff. The kid is visited several times in this new chapter, so fans are wondering if the baby survives the war before being saved by one of our heroes.


For now, only time will tell how Attack on Titan plays out. Fans expect the series to wrap before next summer, so they will get an answer about this mysterious child one way or another. The only question is whether the explanation will satisfy fans who've been waiting for answers this whole time.

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