Attack on Titan Reveals Connie's Upsetting Breaking Point

Attack on Titan has been pushing through its last arc for months now, and it feels like the manga [...]

Attack on Titan has been pushing through its last arc for months now, and it feels like the manga is heading towards a big payoff. The most recent chapter followed the Paradis Rebels as they took on the army backing Eren Yeager. Of course, fans are eager to see how Mikasa and her gang deal with the threat her childhood friend has become... but there is one person who can never recover from the betrayal.

After all, Connie has been through some hard things in his life, but few things sting like being double-crossed. The boy has learned that a few times, but chapter 129 followed him as he hit his breaking point. And the thing that led to it was the death of two former allies.

So if you could not tell, there are major spoilers below for the newest chapter of Attack on Titan below:

attack on titan conniee
(Photo: Wit Studios)

As fans will remember, chapter 128 of Attack on Titan ended in a bad way as Connie was forced to kill two former friends. The soldiers aligned with Eren's group when the Paradis military was overthrown. In order to save Armin and the world around him, Connie had to kill two men who he called comrades once. The moment clearly shook the boy to the core, and even Theo was stunned by the turnaround Connie made after he killed the Yeagerists.

Connie goes to defend the ship after he hands Armin over for medical treatment. Theo is more than confused by the shift in personality, but Connie has lost all illusions of the war and its cost by this time. When the Yeagerists come to attack the ship, Connie doesn't hesitate to slice their heads off. He is joined by Mikasa and Jean as the rebels realize their former allies have become nothing but enemies now, and their spirits are squashed ever so slightly by the realization.

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