Attack on Titan Kills Off Two Revered Soldiers

Attack on Titan is getting close to its endgame, and fans have expectations about how the finale [...]

Attack on Titan is getting close to its endgame, and fans have expectations about how the finale will go. It goes without saying that readers need some kind of resolution to Eren's story as the protagonist has turned tables in a bad way. And thanks to a recent chapter of Attack on Titan, fans grew angrier at Eren after his mission led to the death of two revered soldiers.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for chapter 129! Read at your own risk:

At the beginning of this latest chapter, Attack on Titan follows the gang after war breaks out in earnest at the port. Connie is forced to kill some of his former friends to save Armin, and things only get worse from there. In the end, the rebels are able to get a ship boarded for Marley, but there is another ship Eren's army plans to use to catch up with their foes.


Or that was the plan at least until two soldiers stepped up to stop them. As hordes of the Yeagerist got on board the other ship, Keith Shadith and Theo Magath team up to stop the vessel. The pair use a bunch of extra explosives under the ship to demolish it, but it costs the pair their lives. Both Shadith and Magath are killed in the suicide bombing, but they have a brief chat first about why they've chosen to team up.

"This is your last chance to jump into the sea," Theo tells the Paradis soldier. Of course, Keith is not going to abandon ship, and he reveals this last act is his shot at giving the next generation hope for the future.

"I've not done nothing I can be proud of. In spite of what my conscience told me, I instructed children to act in a country's best interest. I ordered them to destroy those walls. I finally realized just how happy I would have been if only those kids could've lived normal lives," Theo admitted.

In the end, the soldiers came to terms with each other despite their opposing sides. Their deaths are mourned by the rebels as they sail off to stop Eren, and Attack on Titan fans can only hope their sacrifice wasn't in vain.

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