Attack On Titan Foreshadows an Ominous Reveal for Annie

As Attack on Titan moves forward with the finale of its story in the manga, the new version of the [...]

As Attack on Titan moves forward with the finale of its story in the manga, the new version of the Survey Corps is attempting to stop a brand new threat that has unified members of both Eldia and Marley, with the Female Titan, Annie, being front and center as an ominous reveal seems to be hinted at in the latest chapter. Annie, having awoke from her self imposed coma that she underwent during the finale of the first season, has joined the new band of soldiers in a bid to save her nation, though she still has some serious past sins to atone for.

Warning! If you have yet to read Chapter 129 of Attack on Titan's manga, you may want to avoid the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory for events that will take place in the anime's fourth season!

The Female Titan is using her power in a bid to stop Eren Jaeger, the former protagonist of the series, who has gone mad with power following absorbing the abilities of the Founding Titan. With Eren swearing to eliminate anyone who doesn't have Eldian blood flowing through their veins, the likes of Annie and Reiner has joined forces along with Armin, Mikasa, Connie, Levi, and others in an attempt to stop Eren from killing the majority of the population within the nation of Marley.

So where does Annie's ominous reveal factor in? Annie's father, Mr. Leonhart, is currently being held within a city in Marley, as the citizens are attempting to vacate the city they're currently being held in as Eren has unleashed an army of Titans that are destroying everything in their path. As the new Survey Corps battles against soldiers of Eldia in an attempt to acquire an airship that will take them directly to Eren, Annie begins to think that she will have an opportunity to see her father should she travel back to stop Eren.

Attack On Titan Annie Ominous Reveal
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Of course, what makes this ominous is the fact that Annie's father might very well be dead, attempting to lead a riot to get past the guards that were holding them within the city. Though Annie's dad's fate is still a mystery, it's an ominous foreshadowing all the same!

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