Attack on Titan Creator Addresses Finale Critics

Last month, the end of an era came around when Attack on Titan put out its final chapter. The hit [...]

Last month, the end of an era came around when Attack on Titan put out its final chapter. The hit manga closed shop after more than a decade in print, and fans all over the world were eager to see how the ending went. After all, readers spent years with Eren and the gang, so the investment in these characters reached an all-time high ahead of the finale. And now, the creator of Attack on Titan is addressing critics who have an issue with the ending.

Recently, Isayama spoke with Kodansha, the publisher that oversaw Attack on Titan for so long. It was there the artist talked freely about the finale, and Isayama said he gets why some fans balked at the ending. After all, the finale was a dark one, and it didn't resolve the war that so many Attack on Titan characters gave their lives to finish.

Attack On Titan Final Chapter Now
(Photo: Kodansha)

According to Twitter user AttackOnFans, Isayama still feels he didn't express his message as fully as he wanted in the manga. He "realized that the climax was a very difficult theme for him to draw. So he regretted not being able to express it properly in the manga. He thought he would please everyone with the final chapter. So he is sorry to those he disappointed, yet thanks them for the support," the translator explained.

Clearly, Isayama heard the critiques loud and clear. Attack on Titan fans weren't ready for how the story ended up even though most of our favorites survived the war. However, the two characters who suffered the most were Mikasa and Eren. The latter died as expected given the nature of his crimes, and Mikasa chose to live in isolation after killing the man she loved. This choice was difficult for fans to accept, and Isayama might be able to shed more light on it soon.

After all, it seems a few pages were cut from the final chapter of Attack on Titan. Isayama says he has eight pages stored for fans. These extras are expected to be put in the manga's final volume, so here's to hoping the goodies bring closure to those disgruntled fans out there.

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