Attack On Titan Creator Shares Heartbreaking New Sketch To Thank Fans

Hajime Isayama has finally completed the story of the Scout Regiment with the latest chapter of Attack On Titan, bringing to a close the war between the nation of Marley and the Eldians of Paradis, and to thank fans for the success of the series, the mangaka drew a new sketch during "happier times" that had Mikasa, Armin, and Eren as a part of the Survey Corps, which of course has changed throughout the course of the fourth and final season of the anime with the young Jaeger deciding that the best route will be to join his brother in his Euthanasia Plan.

While the anime will wrap its story early next year, with MAPPA promising to conclude the story following the climactic finale of the fourth season's first part, which saw Eren Jaeger staring down the forces of Marley led by Reiner, aka the Armored Titan. The manga however has already wrapped the story of the Scout Regiment, giving fans a finale that has many fans divided when it comes to whether or not it was ultimately satisfying when it came to how Eren, Armin, and Mikasa's journey finally ended. While there are no sequels or spin-offs in the works for the series, Attack On Titan will surely be discussed for years.

Twitter User Attack On Titan Wiki shared this heartbreaking sketch that sees the original trio of the dark franchise created by Hajime Isayama, long before they discovered the secrets of their world and were torn asunder by their respective ideas of what the world should be:

Eren Jaeger isn't just one of the most complicated characters in the story of Attack On Titan but is also one of the most complicated characters in anime period. Attempting to do what he thinks is right for the world, it's clear that Eren's quest isn't going to leave him with many friends and fans of the anime are anxious to see how his story will ultimately wrap, as manga fans reflect on the tragic events that led Jaeger to this point.

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