Attack on Titan Unveils Cover Art for Final Volume

Attack on Titan is one of the most successful series to ever come from Japan, and its time is. almost out. The anime will close for good next year when season four returns, but the story is already complete for manga readers. The epic story closed last month, and fans are finally able to see what the cover art for Attack on Titan's final volume will look like.

The artwork surfaces online this week as Japan nears its release date for volume 34. The manga will contain the final chapters of Attack on Titan, so you know this volume will be. An intense one. The last arc of Attack on Titan lent itself to heart-stopping action, but you would not know that from this artwork.

As you can see above, the cover art for Attack on Titan volume 34 isn't anything overly gory or terrifying. The full spread shows some of our familiar heroes and villains as kids in a field. To the left, you can find Eren standing by a tree with his hand on its trunk while Mikasa and Armin run after him.

To the right-hand side, a slew of others can be found. Everyone from Annie to Bertholt and Ymir plus Erwin are shown running to the trio. In the background, an open field can be seen without any titans crowding the view. So all in all, this cover is a relaxing one when you get a good look at it.

Currently, this cover is slated to debut in Japan shortly, but it will take some time to go live in the United States. Volume 34 is slated to hit up readers in English on October 19. However, if you are needing to read Attack on Titan's last few chapters, you can do so now. Crunchyroll has the manga available for premium subscribers while individual issues are up for sale on Comixology.


What do you think about this final piece of cover art? How did you like the ending of Attack on Titan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.