Attack on Titan Cosplay Features Realistic Take On Levi

Attack On Titan's anime is set to come to a close early next year, with Season Four of the series returning under the creative eyes of Studio MAPPA, and with its upcoming return, fans will learn of the status of Captain Levi, who was in quite the troubled spot in his attempt to keep Zeke Jaeger tied down. With the Beast Titan attempting to escape from Levi and killing numerous members of the Scout Regiment as a result, Levi has quite the ax to grind with the eldest Jaeger and many fans are waiting to see if he will return.

Levi has definitely earned his place as a fan favorite not just because of his stoic attitude, but also thanks to his status as one of the most powerful members of the Scout Regiment. While the black-haired captain has never had the ability to transform into a Titan himself, his status as an Ackerman has seemingly allowed him to harness some unique skills that make him more than a match against any giant behemoth. Though Levi's status is a mystery in the anime, the readers of the manga know what the future holds for Levi and how he affects the finale of the Survey Corps.

Instagram Cosplayer Migo Mir shared this pitch-perfect interpretation of Captain Levi from Attack On Titan, bringing the fan-favorite character to life who has been one of the most terrifying characters to the soldiers of the nation of Marley:

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Levi's backstory is a tragic one, effectively having to raise himself on the mean streets of an underground civilization. With his mother dying early during his childhood, Levi would eventually find himself becoming a perfect soldier for the Scout Regiment and vowing to eliminate the Beast Titan following the death of Erwin at his hands.


Attack On Titan's manga came to a close earlier this year, bringing to a close the journey of Eren Jaeger and his fellow Eldians, and while the quality of the finale is debated by fans, it does definitively bring to a close the war between the Eldians and the nation of Marley.

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