Attack On Titan Unleashes New Sanrio Crossover Art

Sanrio and its premiere character Hello Kitty have been a part of some wild crossovers these past few years, with the adorable characters of the company coming into contact with anime characters from the likes of Mobile Suit: Gundam, Steins; Gate, and My Hero Academia to name a few. Now, however, the animals of the adorable line are crossing over with the dark figures from Attack On Titan for new merchandise, and the crossover has shared a number of new images that see the soldiers of the Scout Regiment joining forces with the biggest characters from Sanrio.

This crossover comes at a good time for the dark franchise created by Hajime Isayama, with next year seeing the return of Attack On Titan's anime for the second half of its fourth and final season. With the first half of the season-ending on quite the cliffhanger as Eren Jaeger stared down the forces of Marley, expect some major casualties on both sides before the anime adaptation comes to a close. While there haven't been any announcements regarding an anime short that sees the two properties unite, which certainly wouldn't be out of the question considering Hello Kitty was given an animated crossover with Gundam for the franchise's fortieth anniversary, though it seems as though plenty of merchandise is on the way.

Twitter User Attack On Titan Wiki shared a number of new images that sees Survey Corps' soldiers including Eren Jaeger, Mikasa, Armin, and Jean taking the opportunity to spend time with some of Sanrio's biggest characters who are also wearing similar attire as the warriors of Paradis Island:

Rest assured, the final half of Attack On Titan's last season will be anything but happy, as Armin and the other members of the Scout Regiment now have two big threats to handle with both the forces of Marley and the Jaegerists threatening to tear the world asunder. With the manga having already wrapped the story, Isayama hasn't confirmed if a sequel or spin-off story will be released in the future, though he certainly planted the seeds in his director's cut of the final chapter.

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