'Attack On Titan' Creator Reveals Hopes For Season 3

There are some anime titles which need no additional hype. You can always count on Dragon Ball to [...]

There are some anime titles which need no additional hype. You can always count on Dragon Ball to get you going, and newer series like My Hero Academia do the same. Of course, Attack on Titan is also ranked high up on that list, but its anime's team likes to brag about its fan-favorite status now and again.

Oh, and so does its creator. Hajime Isayama isn't afraid to toot his own horn, and the artist wants fans to know what he is looking forward to with season three.

In just a couple of months, Attack on Titan will make its big return to TV. The anime will drop its third season this summer, and its second one hit Blu-ray not too long ago. When the package went out, the boxset contained interviews with various staffers like Isayama, and it was there the creator revealed what he wants season three to accomplish personally.

"After writing Volume 12, in the period between 13 and 16 was when I felt the most disappointed with my work," Isayama admitted. "Hopefully, now that season 3 is being made, I'll have the chance to wipe away that regret and replace it with something I'm proud of."

For those of you who are not familiar with the manga, Attack on Titan's third season will be adapting the volumes which Isayama called out. The new episodes will bring the 'Uprising' arc to life, a suspenseful story that was told between chapters 51-70. The lengthy saga has its action-packed moments, but a large portion of its intrigue comes from the political revelations which the Paradis military forces to the light. And, as you can imagine, those dangerous confessions do not bode well for Eren Jaeger.

Isayama's personal hopes for season three may be tad bit depressing, but they should give fans faith in the anime. The creator wants to make sure the series is only improved upon, and Isayama will make sure that happens for this arc given his dissatisfaction of its manga. So, if Attack on Titan does 'Uprising' better in the anime than it did on paper, do not be surprised.

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