'Attack on Titan' Staff Teases Krista's Big Role In Season 3

Attack on Titan is still a few months out from making an anime comeback, but fans are already [...]

Attack on Titan is still a few months out from making an anime comeback, but fans are already counting down to its return. After debuting its second season last year, the series is poised to share its third with fans and embark on one politically focused arc. And, now, two staffers from the anime are talking about how Krista fits into the long-awaited season.

So, seriously — spoilers below!

By the end of season two, fans learned some important truths about Krista. The girl might not look like a hard-hearted soldier, but viewers learned Krista had a darker past than they expected. The girl isn't a nobody who joined the military by choice. No, Krista was forced to enlist because her true identity was so shocking that many hoped she would die in the Survey Corps.

Krista Lenz may not have been important to Paradis, but Historia Reiss is. The girl is actually the illegitimate daughter of Rod Reiss, one of the ruling members of the country. So, when season three gets underway, the girl will have a lot to backstory to wade through.

During an interview with Animedia, director Koizuka Masashi and chief animation director Araki Tetsuro opened up about Krista's part in the new season. It was there the latter said the girl will be forced to "make some decisions that she never imagined for herself."

"I think that will be quite a great scene to watch," Tetsuro admitted (via SNK News).

As for Masashi, the other director said Krista will be struggling with the fallout of season two. The absence of Ymir will weigh heavily upon the soldier, and there is no way of knowing if that wound will heal.

"In season 2 Ymir ended up leaving with Bertholt and Reiner, so in the beginning stages of season 3, Krista's condition is like that of someone who lost half her heart," he explained. "By setting her as another axis for the plot, season 3 will become even more interesting."

For now, fans can only wait and see how Krista matures through season three. Those fans who have read the manga know a lot is in store for the forgotten royal since she will not be cast aside for long. Once Rod is reminded of her safety and her connection to Eren, things get complicated in Paradis as its monarchy is shaken, and it will fall to Krista to either make or break her country's caste system.

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