Attack on Titan Posts Behind-the-Scenes Season 4 Update

Attack on Titan's final episodes are slated to arrive next year, giving anime fans an ending that has become legendary for its controversial final battle that sees the Scout Regiment fighting against their friend Eren Jaeger. With Studio MAPPA returning to the series once again in 2023, the sound director of the upcoming third part of season four has given fans a brief behind-the-scenes look at the effort that is being placed in to the Survey Corps' final ride.

When last we left the Scout Regiment, they had formed a new roster that united original members including the likes of Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Hange, and Levi, while also bringing in Reiner the Armored Titan, Annie the Female Titan, and Pieck the Cart Titan to name a few. Despite having some new firepower at their disposal, they are slated to fight against their strongest opponent to date, who also just so happens to be their former friend, Eren Jaeger. Now that Eren has the power of the Founding Titan at his disposal, the former protagonist is looking to stomp out the vast majority of the world's population thanks in part to his new army of Colossal Titans that have been freed from the walls of Paradis.

Attack on Soundtrack

Twitter Outlet Attack on Fans shared the new image from the behind-the-scenes effort that is being placed into Attack on Titan's final season, with sound director Masafumi Mima sharing the work that the creator has been formulating to help bring the Survey Corps' anime adaptation to an end:

While the manga ended a few years prior to the anime's upcoming conclusion, Hajime Isayama has yet to confirm if he plans on returning to the world of Titans in the future, though the director's cut of the manga's final chapter hints that there is a way for Attack on Titan to move into the future should it make a comeback. Without going into spoiler territory, should an "Attack on Titan 2" happen, it would presumably be a far different world from the one that we've come to follow throughout both the manga from Kodansha and the anime that saw both Wit Studio and MAPPA telling the story of the Scout Regiment.

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