Attack on Titan Season 4 Unleashes Its Most Satisfying Takedown Yet

Attack on Titan's final season is taking the opportunity to deliver plenty of brutal moments in the ongoing war between the island of Paradis and the nation of Marley, but the latest installment has given viewers a long-awaited takedown. As the newly formed Scout Regiment, which brings together both Eren's friends and their former enemies from Marley, descends upon a port housing a machine that is essential in stopping Eren's plan, Floch finds himself dealing with quite a few problems as a part of the Jaegerists. 

The Jaegerists is a new element introduced in the fourth and final season, with several members of the Scout Regiment and Paradis' military taking the opportunity to follow Eren in his genocidal machinations. Unfortunately, Eren's closest friends aren't on-board, with Armin, Mikasa, and several others teaming up with their former enemies to save a world that hates them. The latest episode sees the new Scout Regiment having to battle their former friends in a bid to take one of the airships of the nation known as Hizuru, with Floch preparing to eliminate the engineers along with ambassador Kiyomi. 

Twitter User ZeroTakes shared the screenshot of the unique moment wherein Kiyomi Azumabito was able to take Floch by surprise, placing him into an arm-lock that nearly ended the confrontation but came at an opportune time for the Scouts nonetheless as they attempted to acquire a flying machine that would bring them face-to-face with Eren:

This latest installment of Attack on Titan was definitely one of the most emotional to date, with Armin and Connie being forced to eliminate their former friends to have a chance at acquiring the airship that had been rigged with explosives. Connie especially takes things rather hard as he is the one to pull the trigger, while Armin receives a horrifyingly gruesome injury that would most likely spell doom if he didn't have the regenerative abilities that come with the power of the Colossal Titan. While there are only a scant few episodes of the second half of the final season, Attack on Titan is set to have a panel at this year's Anime Japan, which leaves fans thinking that the anime adaptation might end with a movie.

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