Attack on Titan Hypes Heroes With Strange Circus Promo

Earlier this month, Attack on Titan made its way back to television, and the anime made sure to leave fans buzzing. After more than a decade on the air, the Attack on Titan anime is ending this year, and season 4 will see it out. The first half of Attack on Titan's finale is now over with its second part scheduled for later this year. And ahead of the show's final outing, a new promo has gone live with a rather strange theme.

After all, you probably don't think about Attack on Titan and circuses together. That belief has been challenged thanks to a cute anime promo, and it turns Levi into a veteran sword juggler.

As you can see above, the Attack on Titan anime promo features a number of popular characters from Hange to Armin and Jean. The soldiers are all done up with chibi art, and Erwin Smith is leading them as a ringmaster. This position suits the Attack on Titan commander, and Hange is acting as Erwin's righthand with a whip.

The rest of the Attack on Titan characters pictured here take up other roles in the anime's circus. Mikasa is following after Levi as a sword juggler, and Sasha acts as her living target. The girl is holding apples for Mikasa to hit, so everything is good here unless Eren's best friend misses.

As for Eren himself, the boy appears to be some sort of actor given his drama mask, and Armin is the man responsible for selling balloons. Finally, Jean brings up the rear as our final juggler, but he isn't tossing knives around. The soldier is seen juggling simple batons, so his job is far easier than whatever Levi and Mikasa get up to.

Of course, this adorable Attack on Titan promo brings our favorite characters together, and that is a nice change of pace. After all, Attack on Titan season 4 part 4 has given fans no such luxury. If you are caught up with the anime, you will know Attack on Titan has pit Eren against his former friends as he's sworn vengeance against humanity. After starting The Rumbling, Eren has massacred countless in a bid to protect his home island, but his genocidal plan has turned him into humanity's biggest threat. And now, it falls to Mikasa and the gang to stop Eren before he can see his bloody dream through.

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