Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale Rating Revealed for Part 1

Attack on Titan is back in the headlines, and we have the anime's big finale to thank. After more than a decade, the hit series is coming to an end, and that means all eyes are on Attack on Titan season 4. Not long ago, the first half of the show's finale went live, and now the show's official ratings are here to prove how big Attack on Titan is right now.

The update comes from Japan as Video Research shared a portion of its rating survey from Japan, It was there the figures from households in the Kanto region were posted, and as it turns out, Attack on Titan ranked on the list of top ten programs watched when its season 4 part 4 comeback aired. And to make things better, Attack on Titan was the only late-night program to take up a spot on the list.

According to the figures, Attack on Titan season 4 brought in an average household rating of 2.1 which beat out Pokemon: Master Journeys and more. The entry marks the only late-night anime to rank that week as all the other entries were daytime series. As such, this means the top rating went to Sazae-san while Chibi Maruko-chan and Detective Conan rounded out the top three spots.

Of course, it is impressive to see Attack on Titan ranking at all given its late-night slot. Daytime programs rank regularly according to Video Research's numbers, but any late-night anime that ranks does so because it is hugely popular. For instance, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season two did insane numbers during its run as its lowest rating was 7.4%. Other series like Lupin the 3rd, Chainsaw Man, and Spy x Family have also garnered top figures despite later time slots.

Of course, Attack on Titan season 4 part 4 was destined to bring in lots of viewers. Its success in the Kanto region is just a percentage of Attack on Titan's true might. When the show put forth its finale, Attack on Titan trended globally thanks to part one, and there is still more to come. Studio MAPPA has confirmed the last half of Attack on Titan's series finale will debut later this year. So if you are ready to see how Eren's journey ends, you better make sure you've watched all the anime by this fall! 

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