Attack on Titan Episode 77 Shares First Synopsis, Stills

It took months of waiting, but the recent return of Attack on Titan was worth the patience. This week, fans were reunited with Eren and Mikasa as season four began its trek towards the anime's finale. As you can imagine, tensions are running high as fans are coping with Erern's recent turn, and episode 77 has finally piped up about what it will add to the series. 

The blurb was released on Attack on Titan's official website. It was there fans read up on episode 77, and it turns out "Deception" is going to bring around plenty of angst. So if you want to read the synopsis, you can find it below:

"Is Mikasa's desire to help Eren genuine? What exactly is Eren fighting for as Titans continue to collide in battle. And as Marley's surprise attack continues, soldiers head onto the battlefield with weapons in hand."

As you can see, the upcoming episode of Attack on Titan will pick up right where its midseason premiere ended. While Eren fights Reiner and Porco, Armin and Mikasa will try to plan their next moves from afar. Mikasa admits she wants to save Eren from the ambush, but she is worried her desire stems from an Ackerman instinct. As for Armin and the rest, they aren't sure they want Eren to escape given his desire to sterilize everyone, and his genocidal thinking is obviously concerning.

For now, fans will have to wait and see how this conflict pans out when Attack on Titan episode 77 drops. Mikasa and Armin have a lot to think about, but they don't have much time to do it. After all, Zeke is on his way back to the city, and there's no doubt Eren will put his plans into motion once his older brother arrives.

What do you think about Attack on Titan's midseason return so far? Are you feeling nervous about the show's final episode yet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.