Attack on Titan Sets Up Levi's Next Tough Challenge

Attack on Titan has set the stage for Levi Ackerman's life or death challenge with the newest episode of the series! The fourth and final season of the series has finally returned for a new slate of episodes as part of the Winter 2022 anime schedule, and that means fans finally got to see what was coming next after the series left off with its major cliffhanger. When fans had last seen Levi in action in the first half of the season, he was looking very much worse for wear as he was caught in the midst of a Thunder Spear explosion set off by Zeke Yeager.

Zeke had set off the explosion in the hopes of taking the both of them out of the equation because he was on the verge of death at Levi's hands, and unfortunately the explosion indeed damaged Levi just as much as it did with Zeke. The newest episode of the series revealed that Zeke might have been able to rebuild himself thanks to the Titan's power, but it's going to be a much longer and worse road to recovery for Levi as his next major challenge is to somehow survive from his currently critical state. 

(Photo: MAPPA)

Episode 76 of Attack on Titan: Final Season picks up right where the midseason finale left off, and unfortunately fans are given quite the bleak update to Levi's situation. Hange managed to find him just in time, but his body is in a highly critical and bloody state and essentially catatonic as a result. Eren's forces try to eliminate him from the picture to make sure he's dead, but Hange manages to buy the both of them time enough to escape. Now it's just a matter of seeing whether or not Levi can heal himself after being on death's door. 

Levi's next major challenge is to not only heal himself, but get himself back up to fighting shape fast enough to come back and help with this new conflict against Eren. He also needs to get revenge against Zeke for all that he's done, so that means fans will be keeping a close eye on future episodes in the hopes that Levi can make it back to the fight safe and sound. But what do you think? 

Do you think Levi is going to be able to get himself back to fighting shape? Is it going to be fast enough to make a difference in the coming fight with Eren and Marley? What are you hoping to see from Levi in these final episodes? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!