Attack on Titan Shares Episode 79 Synopsis

After making its grand re-entry to television, Attack on Titan season four has been on a tear. The series made its return recently, and fans were quick to check on Eren and his former allies as the war for humanity heats up. Nowadays, it seems Eren has stolen the spotlight with some help from Zeke, and a new synopsis is teasing what's in store for episode 79!

The blurb comes from the official Attack on Titan website over in Japan. It was there a still from episode 79 went live showcasing Eren and Zeke together. The pair seem to be watching a memory or flashback with one another in the Paths, and the episode's synopsis corroborates the hunch.

"The little brother reacted the older brother, but the older sibling didn't abandon his little brother. He only desires to save him," the blurb reads. "At the end of Paths, Eren and Zeke learn the truth about their father Grisha and discover the memory of that day.

As you can see, this Attack on Titan synopsis keeps things vague, but it is easy to pick apart the characters in question. It seems Eren is rebelling against Zeke in his own way, but the brothers aren't going to leave Paths at odds. Zeke wants to keep Eren safe, but with war at their door, there is no way to ensure the Titan Inheritor will make it out alive.

The blurb goes on to tease the pair's journey in Paths, and that includes seeing a ton of memories. The brothers will even reunite with their dad for a moment, but manga readers know the junction won't be sweet. Eren and Zeke have gone off the deep end, and the only way our heroes can stop the pair is by taking them out.

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