Attack on Titan Shares New Season 4 Episode Titles

Sundays have become a day of celebration for Attack on Titan fans, and that will not change for some weeks. After all, season four is back, and it is expected to run well into the spring. This week just welcomed yet another episode to the mix, and a new report has fans eyeing the end of January thanks to some special episode titles. 

The information comes from AttackOnFans, one of the biggest fan-sites for the anime online. It was there the site pulled Attack on Titan's next two titles from its official website in Japan. So, it turns out episode 78 will be titled "Two Brothers" while episode 79 will be titled "Memories of the Future".

Now, you might be curious what these titles mean, and manga readers should have a good idea. After all, Attack on Titan wrapped in print last year, and we've had some time to think the final arc over. When it comes to episode 78, even anime-only fans can figure out we're talking about Eren and Zeke. We've known the pair were brothers for ages, so it seems the Yeager siblings are going to unite as planned.

The real question lies with episode 79. Anime fans will be left a bit confused, but this title does come straight from Attack on Titan's manga. Chapter 121 bore this name, and it watched Eren and Zeke continue their travels through Grisha's memories. This dark episode reveals some major secrets about Eren's overall influence on Titan history, and Zeke reveals some secrets of his own. So if you thought the Yeager kids were good to work hand in hand, well – you have another thing coming.

What do you think of these new episode titles? Are you keeping up with this final run of Attack on Titan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.