Attack on Titan Season 4 Introduces the Cart Titan's Wielder

Attack on Titan has worked with a great many heroes during its tenure, and that includes heroes [...]

Attack on Titan has worked with a great many heroes during its tenure, and that includes heroes who fight against Eren's group. While fans may love the soldiers from Paradis, the Marleyean army has its own supporters. Of course, this means those fans have been waiting ages for the Cart Titan to reveal its human inheritor for quite some time, and season four just granted that wish for them at last.

If you are caught up with Attack on Titan, you will know the second episode of season four brought Pieck into the fray. At long last, the current Cart Titan inheritor has shown up in the flesh, and the heroine looks up to snuff.

The new episode brought Pieck into picture after Marley wrapped its years-long war with the Mid-East Allied Forced. Pieck was given a needed reprieve from her Titan form as she had been in that state for months. As such, Pieck is shown walking around with a crutch since her natural inclination is to walk on all fours.

As the episode continues, Attack on Titan fans are given some time with Pieck as she celebrates with Porco and Colt. After all, the group is celebrating the end of a war, but Pieck knows another is on the horizon. Marley is still determined to regain access to the Founding Titan, and the end of episode two follows Pieck as she attends a meeting regarding this new war. She believes the Tybur family has the power to rally enough support to make the war happen, but the Marley forces don't know what the Paradis soldiers have in store for them.

This new heroine has been a long time coming, and fans are thrilled to have her in their sights. Pieck has been a favorite with manga readers for years now, and her part in season four will be fairly huge. So if you have been missing the female touch Annie brought to the Titan Warriors, maybe Pieck will tide you over.

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