Attack on Titan Cosplay Honors Sasha's Final Look

One Attack on Titan cosplay is honoring Sasha Braus's final look for the anime! The fourth and final season of the anime adaptation kicked off last December, and came to a cliffhanger ending with its midseason finale not long ago. With a second half finishing off the series in 2022, the anime still has a ton to cover from the series' final arc. Now that Hajime Isayama has officially brought the series to an end with the manga's final chapter, the path has been laid out for the series' final episodes.

One character that unfortunately will not be involved with the rest of the final arc is Sasha Braus. Although Sasha was the major fan favorite from the first three seasons of the series, it appeared that there was really no time left for any of the comedic relief that she provided the series with her presence. But at least she got a full makeover for the final season like the rest of the Survey Corps. This all-black look for Sasha was brought to life excellently thanks to artist @panda.cosp on Instagram! Check it out below:

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Attack on Titan might have brought its final season to a pretty significant cliffhanger for its midseason finale, but many fans have already begun to see how the series was brought to an end with the final chapter. Now that there's a clear roadmap for the anime when it returns to adapt the rest of the final arc, there's clearly going to be quite a lot to bring to life when the anime does return in 2022. It just won't be with Sasha in tow, unfortunately.

It's probably a good thing Sasha won't be around as the final arc is appropriately the most intense arc of the series to date as Eren has turned on the rest of the world and has unleashed the full power of the Titans in an attempt to annihilate the rest of the world. It's a final stand for humanity, and soon we'll see how it shakes out in the rest of the anime!

What did you think of Sasha's time in Attack on Titan's fourth season so far? Are you excited for the anime to return in 2022 with its final episodes? What did you think of the manga's big finale? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!