Attack on Titan's Finale Threw Off the Entire Anime, Says Producer

Earlier this year, Attack on Titan dropped its final midseason finale, and it will not be long until the anime returns. The crew at MAPPA Studio is working hard on the series, and given the show's popularity, all eyes are on the final part of season three. It has some big shoes to fill as Hajime Isayama did not hold back with his manga's last few chapters, and it turns out the MAPPA team was taken aback big time by how the story ended.

And to be blunt, it seems the final chapter really sent the team for a loop. During a recent chat, executive producer Manabu Otsuka said the show's team just about lost hope after seeing how Isayama closed the series, but they rallied together after a good bit of brainstorming.

"When we were working on The Final Season Part 1, we saw the end of the manga and the last battle. We lost hope because we didn't know how we were going to adapt that final [Attack on Titan] fight," Otsuka shared. "However, we want to finish working on the anime despite the difficulties. After all, the whole team is committed and determined to complete it to the end."

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As you can see, Otsuka is just one of many overseeing Attack on Titan at its new studio, and MAPPA is eager to do the series justice. Isayama has made fulfilling that goal challenging given how action-packed his finale is. Between its fast pacing and emotional reunions, fans can expect Attack on Titan to let loose with its final batch of episodes. And once its last episode goes live, Otsuka and the team will get to breathe a sigh of relief. 

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