Attack On Titan Fan Uses Geography To Breakdown The Size of the Walls

Attack On Titan's latest season has finally taken the Survey Corps outside of the walls that [...]

Attack On Titan's latest season has finally taken the Survey Corps outside of the walls that housed them for oh so long throughout their lives, taking the battle directly to the nation of Marley that has tormented them for years, and one fan has managed to break down a fantastic hypothesis regarding the overall size of said walls. With Eren Jaeger putting his friends in a tough spot following his attack on their enemies against their wishes, it's clear that the nation once held in place by walls is in the midst of changing, for better or worse.

The end of the first season revealed a startling truth about the walls that held the "Children of Ymir" in the island known as Paradis, as the battle between Eren and Annie in their Titan forms revealed that the walls actually had a row of Colossal Titans hiding within them. As the Survey Corps reeled from this insane revelation, they had to do some serious quick thinking as if the light were to hit the Titans, the "Rumbling" would begin and would unleash an attack on the Earth that would threaten the entirety of humanity, whether they are a part of the Eldian race or otherwise.

One Reddit User used a series of facts from Hajime Isayama's epic fantasy tale to breakdown their thoughts on just how big the walls are in Attack On Titan, measuring the size of the Titans that lie dormant within the walls and are currently being used by the Eldians in a bid to find peace among a world that hates them:


Currently, the world has opened up for the Eldian race, with followers of Zeke Jaeger arriving on the island and attempting to teach Eren and his friends about the different nations that either see them as monsters or attempt to discover a way to benefit from their current predicament. With a new plan put into place to use the threat of the "Rumbling" to maintain peace with the world outside of its borders in Paradis, the Survey Corps is attempting to use the walls for their own benefit for the first time.

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